3 Key Elements For High Quality Production Of Pet Transfer Film Printer

DTF-A3 plus film printing

The printing process involved in the Pet Transfer Film Printer is mainly to produce personalized products. Personalized products for the fine degree of pattern requirements are relatively high. Mass production of orders for the consistency of the colour and the ability to continuous production is also a certain requirement. Today SUBLICOOL explains the DTF printing machine can do high-quality production of the key 3 elements are?

First, the fineness of the pattern

Regarding the fineness of the printed patterns, the Pet Transfer Film Printer is not limited by patterns and colours. Many exquisite designs also bring challenges to DTF printing. The influence of pattern accuracy comes from two aspects.

1. The accuracy of the DTF printhead

The accuracy of the printhead is generally 5pl or less, suitable for high-quality order demand and is a variable droplet printing.

2. The flatness of the printing platform/paper transmission structure

This aspect is mainly related to the paper in the printing platform the continuous flatness of the paper is uneven, will directly affect the printing accuracy, and may even cause colour differences.

Second, colour consistency

Colour consistency, this and the printhead, ink, software, stand-alone capacity. First of all, different printheads in the printing of colour difference performance are not the same. Whether the ink is stable, and whether to maintain a consistent concentration of colour also has a direct impact. Rip software of different choices, in the colour noise, colour gradient changes, and colour chase are different. There is also a single machine production and the production of colour consistency is much higher than the production of multiple machines.

DTF printing machine

Third, continuous production

Continuous production, DTF printer with shaking powder machine orders are generally a few metres to hundreds of metres of a pattern. The printing process is not broken ink, but the system is not stable, whether to put it neatly. These factors are very important to the quality of printing, which is also related to the printing of the product qualification rate. Negative pressure ink supply, and degassing device, these factors to a greater extent to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of printing.

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