3 Kinds Of Printing Ink For You- Sublimation vs DTF vs UV


inkjet Printing
inkjet Printing

With the development of the digital printing industry, more and more new printing methods will be used in this field. Of course, with the continuous change of the machine, there is also an important thing that is constantly updating, that is, ink.  As a professional printing ink seller, today we will share our three best selling inks this year.

First, Sublimation Printing Ink

Sublimation printing ink is is based on the dye sublimation printing process. In which heat and pressure are being used in a way that turns the ink directly into a gas without first liquefying it.  The material used to color materials and fiber infused into the substrate.  It is a permanent process and will last forever if done correctly.  Sublimation ink starts in a liquid form, which is printed onto Sublimation Paper. When heat and pressure are added, the solid dye changes into gas, which then adheres to your substrate permanently.

The high temperature allows the ink to transfer onto items without migrating, cracking or smudging.  As the ink becomes an integral part of the printed product and does not fade or wash off over time. This makes sublimation inks highly reliable and durable. In addition to the high level of accuracy that can be reached using this type of ink and printing technique. The long-lasting sublimation ink is highly recommended for a variety of printed products, such as T-shirts and other garments, including those made of polyester.


Second, The UV Printing Ink

UV printing inks are specially formulated to cure when exposed to ultraviolet light instead of oxidation. These unique inks dry much faster, resulting in sharper and more vibrant images than regular conventional inks. Which cause the rapid polymerisation of the monomers and the ink sets into a hard film. These inks produce a very high quality of print; they dry so quickly that none of the ink soaks into the substrate and so.  UV curing doesn’t involve parts of the ink evaporating or being removed, almost 100% of the ink is available to form the film.

UV printing also use very wide. It can use on paper, synthetic paper, fabric, wood, aluminum.  acrylic, plastic, glass, and canvas, as well as PVC and polystyrene. It’s suited for printing images on anything, from clothing to flyers, advertising displays, banners, and billboards.

digital Ink
digital Ink

Third, The DTF Printing Ink

DTF printing ink are specially formulated direct-to-film printing inks.  Designed to work with a wide variety of DTF printers. Dtf printing ink contains higher quality, more expensive ingredients. It is less oily and benefits from improved pigments, making the ink slightly brighter. It will lay better on certain types of budget DTF film that will otherwise make the ink run or create an oily outline. Premium DTF ink can be mixed with the standard ink. So there is no need to flush the print head when upgrading from standard to premium ink.


High printing result need good printer also the printing material, especially the printing inks. If you have any need for good quality printing ink no matter sublimation ink, UV ink or DTF ink, all can contact SUBLICOOL!

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