3 Main Reason for You to Choose the DTF Printing


As we all know that , DTF printer can be applied to a wide range of materials including cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, etc. (light and dark fabrics). DTF printing is a versatile technique that involves printing designs onto special films for transfer onto garments. Its heat transfer process allows similar durability to traditional silkscreen prints.


dtf printer
dtf printer


Applicable to a wide range of materials

DTF printing is suitable for many different garment materials: cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, and light and dark fabrics. Transfers can even be applied to different types of surfaces, such as luggage, shoes, and even glass, wood and metal. You can expand your inventory by using DTF printer to apply your designs to a variety of items.


Easy to apply

Use a DTF printing onto film transfers means you can place designs on hard-to-reach or awkward surfaces. If the area can be heated, you can apply a DTF design to it, Because only heat is required to adhere the design, you can even sell the printed transfer directly to your customers and allow them to place the design on any surface or item of their choice without special equipment.


dtf printer
dtf printer


Offers More Design Options

It isn’t feasible to Screen printing complex patterns because of the amount of work involved. However, with DTF printing technology, printing complex and multi-colored graphics is different from printing a simple design.


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