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4 Questions About DTG Shirt Printer That Deserve Your Attention?

DTG shirt printer

As printing technology continues to innovate, the printing business has shifted from traditional screen printing to more digital garment printing. The flexibility and high quality of the DTG Shirt Printer compared to traditional printing have made it increasingly popular.

  1. What kind of fabrics can the DTG printer t-shirt machine be used on?

Cotton is the most suitable substrate. Due to its nature, it is able to absorb water-based inks during printing. However, it is worth noting that we need to use blank t-shirts or shirts or jerseys with as smooth a surface as possible. Do not use polyester or cotton thin fabrics.

  1. In what kind of situation choose DTG printers instead of screen printing?

DTG is a great choice for small print runs. Unless you are printing large quantities, screen printing can be costly. This is because when screen printing, every colour in the pattern has to be burned onto the screen, which is a laborious and costly undertaking. DTG printers, on the other hand, are so flexible that you don’t need to worry about the number of colours. You can do it all in one go and print the pattern uniquely as per the customer’s requirement. So when you have a small rush job, but no production-ready, we recommend DTG printers over screen printing. There is no need to burn a screen or mix inks, just simply print and load.

  1. What are the requirements for making patterns?

Transferring the pattern to the garment, due to the different absorption of ink by various fabrics and shades, including the effect of some configurations on the colour output. The final colour rendered may not appear exactly as expected. To get accurate colour shades, you must have the support of a technician. SUBLICOOL will help if you choose our products, assist you in installing the machine and test to find out the proper settings. When the proper parameters are adjusted, you will be able to quickly solve the problem of printing.

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  1. What is the result after washing?

Because DTG printers need to pre-treat before printing, the product will have a certain glossy finish when you initially receive it. After the first wash, the print will be more natural. If properly maintained, the preservation time of DTG is not shorter than that of screen printing, and it is not easy to fade the colour by exposure to sunlight and washing, and the pattern is realistic without cracking.

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