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5 Best Selling Sublimation Printers in 2022: Epson VS Sublicool  Buying Guide 2023

dye sublimation printing
dye sublimation printing

Dye Sublimation printing is very common in life now, there are two common size we all know, one is small size sub paper printing, we usually use on the T-shirts, mugs, mouse pad, coaster, pillow… the other is large format, we usually use in home textile, flags, Curtains, quilt covers, table covers, also the sportswear, in last 2022, we sells so many sublimation printers for different area customer. Today we will introducing 5 hot selling wide-format sublimation printers to you.

First, Epson F9380 Sublimation Printer

Epson 64inch F9380 printer is a high speed, reliable productivity roll-to-roll printer for for digital dye-sublimation transfers. Its advanced auto paper-tension control and the fabric head wiper enables simple, continuous production. Optimized specifically for dye-sublimation inks. The Epson F9370 sublimation printer delivers speeds up to 1,169 square feet/hour, includes dual PrecisionCore TFP printheads, as well as latest dye-sublimation ink technology UltraChrome DS with High-Density Black. It features an integrated, highly accurate roll-to-roll media support system with advanced auto paper-tension control. Plus, it includes Wasatch SoftRIP TX and ICC profiles.

Generally Speaking, we also sells Epson F7200 sublimation printer and Epson F9200 printer, but the sales quantity of F9380 printer is the sum of the other two, we also asked some clients why choose F9380 Printer, most of them first sublimation printer are F6200, the second one want to choose F9200, but F9380 printer comes out, the press wheel and wiper are upgraded, with faster printing speed, support lower weight sublimation paper, also F9380 printer can support one printhead working.

Second, Epson F6200 Sublimation Printer

Epson 44inch F6200 printer is a professional digital roll-to-roll printer developed specifically for the production of high-quality printed dye sublimation textiles . Part of a complete Epson package, everything is made and supported by one manufacturer to ensure it all works seamlessly together. Epson F6200 sublimation printer with the complete epson solution , hardware, software, printhead, ink and sublimation paper, the PrecisionCore TFP printhead can promise the high quality, throughput and long production life, The UltraChrome DS ink-set can provide the vibrant colours, sharp contours, smooth tones and deep, rich blacks. So this printer have a high-capacity inks and low power consumption.

We have been in this field for a long time, so we have a good understanding for the advantages for F6200 printer we’re not surprised that can sell so well. We have also consulted many customers and distributors. The general reason for choosing F6200 sublimation printer is because no matter from appearance, performance, maintenance, after-sales, are all superior to other sublimation printers, So the Epson F6200 printer is the best choice for beginners.

Third, Epson T7200 Sublimation Printer

Epson SC-T7200 is a highly productive 44inch printer for graphics, CAD and GIS production, but today we introduce because this also can use in sublimation printing, Our technology can modify the continuous supply system, so the printer can work with compatible chips to do the dye sublimation printing, the stable quality and the cheap price also make this printer favored by many customers. If you don’t have much budget and want to choose a machine with high performance, Epson T7200 printer will be a good choice.

sublimation printing
sublimation printing

Forth, Sublicool S-1915E Sublimation Printer

Sublicool S-1915E is a very high speed sublimation printer with 15 Epson I3200 Prinheads, the max print speed arrive 610m² / h, its better used to make textile products, such as blanket, polyester dress, plush toys and so on. This machine is suitable for mature textile printing company, high speed, high output, cost saving. S-1915E sublimation printer have one piece heavy stainless steel frame structure, the body more stable and the wire layout is more reasonable. The exclusive self-developed all aluminum ink stack, more reliable and durable head. Perfect air shaft, high precision platform,leading rod feeding and take-up system to avoid paper deviating and wrinkling during printing. Also with the super power drying system can solve the problem of wrinkling paper caused by not drying ink in high speed printing. Large capacity lack of ink alarm system, intelligent reminder function, make sure continually supply ink, more humanity.

Fifth, Sublicool S-2208E Sublimation Printer

Sublicool S-2208E is a 2.2m large format sublimation printer with 8 epson I3200 printhead, Integrated heavy-duty machine steel frame structure, the body is more stable, to ensure the stable output of printing. Exclusive self-developed all-aluminum lifting ink station. Heavy-duty media feeding and take-up system with dual air shaft.  Super power intelligent drying system, solve the problem of wrinkling paper caused by the ink quantity in high-speed printing.

S-1915E and S-2208E are all sells good in 2023, to be honest, there is little difference between this two printer, just the print width and print speed, depends on which you focus on.

The above are our 5 best selling large format sublimation machines in 2022, we also have many other model and size, if you interested pls contact us!

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