5 Points Need To Know In Newly Purchased Direct Transfer Film Printer?

DTF printer for T-shirts

If as your first machine to start a business, then the Direct Transfer Film Printer is still your first choice. Because it is an efficient, energy-saving, money-saving, environmentally friendly, and small footprint, a Direct Transfer Film Printer is a production line, and one person can complete the manipulation, with no more labor costs. In the apparel printing industry, machines have also begun to replace labor. The printing industry also mainly through automated machinery to complete the work, the highest praise and the most widely used belongs to the DTF digital printing equipment.

Because DTF printing is very precise printing equipment, you need to pay attention to a lot of things when using the DTF printing machine, to follow the instruction manual completely to maintain, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. For newly purchased machines. SUBLICOOL provides you with the following five points of attention.

 First point:

When refilling the ink in the DTF printing machine, the ink cartridge should be kept between the first and second levels in the cartridge. In addition to this, the DTF transfer ink must be used up within 15 days of opening and placed in a cool place. Otherwise, it will evaporate.

Second point:

There can be no common household appliances near the machine, to stay away from large magnetic fields, and electric fields. And the computer must be an antivirus. In addition, in the use of RIP software, out of the map must be the computer’s firewall off. And in the use of the completion of all need to test the inkjet head, to ensure that it can work properly.

Third point:

Try to maintain a constant temperature and humidity in the room. Generally, the temperature is about 25 degrees and the humidity is about 60%. And it should not be placed together with machines that are prone to smoke and dust. Do not stack items on the machine, especially the liquid must be away from the machine.

Fourthly point:

The machine circuit must be grounded. Do not use too poor quality media in the use of process. If the media is too poor, easy to hit the nozzle. If your budget allows, you can give the pet film DTF printer for t-shirts and the computer a voltage regulator to avoid unstable voltage and damage to the equipment.

DTF film printing machine

 Fifth point:

Must check the cleanliness of the flash spray and scraper once a week. If there is any debris such as trichomes, please use tweezers or tissue paper to remove the debris.

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