5 Reason Tell You Why Choose Sublicool DTF Printer


DTF printer is a great way to explore and expand your business in 2022. You get premium-quality prints with DTF printers thanks to the advanced DTF powder shaker machine and special ink used. Suppose you want to bring out the delicacy and brightness of various color tones. In that case, a DTF printer can help you achieve your wish in both light and dark fabrics. The following are some advantages of investing in a DTF Printer.

dtf printer machine
dtf printer machine
  1. No pretreatment is needed. Pretreatment is a major downside of most printing technologies,including DTG. However, DTF printers need no pretreatment. As a result, you can take a garment from your rack and directly throw it in the heat press machine, regardless of the number of other pre-printed designs.


  1. The entire printing process is quicker and less tedious. DTF film printers combine multiple features needed to expand your business,including quality,high productivity,and reliability.They can handle larger production volumes, a crucial aspect required to grow your business in a fast-growing sector Its quality results are attributed to the automated shake powder machine,which ensures even hot-melt powder distribution.


  1. DTF printing offers multiple options. Unlike older printing technologies,DTF printing is compatible with several fabrics. Including  polyester. cotton. leather. and nylon. just to mention a few. This factor makes DTF printers an ideal choice where versatility is needed in the printing industry.
dtf printer machine
dtf printer machine
  1. A DTF printer is cheaper and more sustainable. DTF printing does not need any advanced settings. It helps you realize a one-off design while eliminating unnecessary waste associated with unsold inventory.Also, it requires lesser space to implement than other printing technologies.


  1. It produces more durable prints than DTG. Usually DTG prints are known for their barely-there and soft hand- feel since the ink is directly applied to the clothing.On the contrary DTF prints tend to be more durable. They are flexible and wash well. As a result. they won’t peel or crack. making them suitable for heavily used items.


Sublicool can provide you one-stop dtf printing solutions like the A3 and 60CM DTF printer, DTF ink, pet film, also the hot melt powder, any need pls feel free to contact us!

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