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6 Reasons for Pet Transfer Film Printer Printhead Printing Instability

DTF printer for shirts
DTF printer for shirts

When Pet Transfer Film Printer printing, the phenomenon of sudden ink breakage and simple damage to the printhead will be presented. Which is formed because of the instability of the printhead of the DTF printer. In fact, the onset of this phenomenon is not only the problem of the printhead and the machine, but also mainly because of improper operation. The following SUBLICOOL to briefly introduce the formation of Pet Transfer Film Printer printhead instability of several elements:

First, the printhead clogging is a common cause

It is possible that the ink around the printhead did not get often cleaned and stay in the air, after volatilization into a solid and clogged. So it is necessary to regularly clean the printhead.

Second, the amount of ink in the printhead is not standardized

The standard is pre-added 20-25ML ink amount, more or less may not show the phenomenon of ink, so be sure to follow the standard operation.

Third, DTF printhead damage

This situation can only be replaced with a new printhead!

Fourth, the track problem

Caterpillar to be used to control the printhead ink. Due to the choice of copper contacts with the printhead to touch the way. Thus controlling the printhead ink, and when the caterpillar is dirty or bad will show the phenomenon of ink. So the contacts must be kept clean or very easy to shadow the printhead ink or even burn the printhead or the caterpillar. If the contacts are dirty, you can use a cotton cloth dipped in water to clean.

Fifth, the impact of static electricity.

Static electricity is too high will also affect the printhead ink. A good ground for the transfer film machine is a must.

Six, the ink system failure

When the ink tube leakage or there is too much air, will form the nozzle not out of ink. We need to regularly check the printhead and ink pipe, discharge the air leakage part and then use the ink pump to pump the DTF printhead can be.

Pet Transfer Film Printer
Pet Transfer Film Printer
Seven, the impact of ink

Choose a good quality ink, can also avoid the instability of the printheads

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