A3 UV DTF Printer Laminating All-In-One Is More Cost-effective

A3 UV DTF Printer upgrades are endless, and the functions of the printer are also increasing, from a single print to support multiple program printing. And then printing and laminating integration. It can also be seen that the development of UV labels is steadily moving forward. Market demand is still relatively strong. Market development is gradually stabilizing, more and more businessmen are looking for more cost-effective, better quality UV DTF printers, and higher requirements in terms of function.

roll to roll UV printer
roll to roll UV printer

So constantly adapting to the development of the market. Launched a small UV DTF printer, more in line with the requirements of a small batch. Low investment personalized customization of businessmen, more cost-effective.

This A3 UV DTF printer integrates printing and laminating functions.

It is upgraded based on the earlier A3 UV printer. The printing width is widened to 330mm and the speed is up to 8PASS 1m²/hour. In addition to printing, the laminating function is also added, printing and laminating in one. Which is more efficient and saves the price of the laminator.

Compared with large UV printers, A3 UV printing and laminating all-in-one machines have advantages.

Cost first, the price is less than half of the large crystal label printer, saving more costs, greatly reducing the risk of investment in risky investments;

Second, the small size, is more convenient for transportation and handling. The area of the processing site requirements are also lower, placed on the ground or the table can immediately start working. It is very friendly to low-capital entrepreneurs. Third, the labor cost is lower. Equipped with a fully automatic laminating and winding system, it eliminates manual laminating and liberates labor with high efficiency.

UV inkjet printer
UV inkjet printer

Moreover, this cost-effective UV transfer film printing and laminating all-in-one machine can also achieve one-time printing.  While meeting the needs of batch processing and customization. Compared with flatbed printing, the A3 crystal label printing and laminating all-in-one machine adopt the solution of direct spray adhesive on rolls. Which is lower in cost and higher in efficiency!

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