Advantages of choosing an A3 DTF printer

A3 DTF Printer

In this small and prosperous economic era, the A3 DTF printer powder shaking machine provides instant manufacturing capability for personalized product customization, and various convenient designs make the direct film printer widely accepted by users.

1.DTF printer does not occupy land and saves space

A3 DTF printer design has taken care of small batch production customers in all aspects, including some humanized design and simple operation methods.

2.Good effect and fastness

The printing head of A3 DTF printer is Japan Epson printing head. With a high-quality print head, you can see that the finished product has a high printing accuracy, and the lines and small LOGOs are clearly printed. The fastness of the finished product can be tested by washing at high temperature and rubbing with boiling water. Stable fastness, no sublimation, no fading, no tearing.

3.Low price and cost

The cost is relatively low. With the falling price of PET film and ink, the production cost of A3 dtf printer will only become lower and lower.

4.DTF printer can adapt to various materials

The direct to film printer (DTF printer) can adapt to a variety of fabrics, and is widely used in T-shirts, canvas, leather, masks, etc. We can also provide printed samples for users to test, so that everyone can see and feel the quality of the finished product.

Sublicool uses advanced and practical technology to provide mature A3 DTF printer ,as well as perfect after-sales service. Welcome to purchase.

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