DTF printing ink

Any Advantages On Inkjet Printer Ink Of DTF Printers?

Inkjet printer ink

DTF t-shirts printer is a brand-new garment printing process with specialized inkjet printer ink. It breaks through the complex links such as plate making required by traditional printing, and the process is simpler. Moreover, DTF printing has the same fineness as photos, fast delivery, flexible production, and is suitable for the individual needs of consumers. DTF technology is a purely green and environmentally friendly printing process, which has attracted widespread attention from the printing industry at home and abroad.

DTF printer has the advantages of environmental protection:

This environmental protection process is not only the environmental protection and non-waste discharge function of the equipment, but also the consumables used by DTF are all green and environmental protection products. Let’s take this DTF ink as an example. DTF inks are formulated from premium materials. So not only is the color stable, but it can also restore the original color.

Inkjet pigment ink has the following advantages:

  1. Versatility for different fibres:

Different fibres require different dye inks, while paint inks are suitable for various fibre fabrics, especially for polyester-cotton fabrics.

  1. The application process is very simple:

Use the paint ink directly on the fabric, inkjet printing. At the same time, there is no need for complicated pre-processing and post-processing procedures, just printing and printing directly.

  1. No sewage discharge, good for environmental protection:

Compared with others, hot stamping directly on clothes after DTF printing will not cause color floating. We also don’t need to wash with water to remove floating color like dye ink.

  1. Good light fastness:

After the coating ink is sprayed on the fabric, it exists on the fibre in the form of tiny particles. It is hardly decomposed by light. In contrast to dye inks, this ink is on the fibres. They dye the fibres molecularly. Therefore, most of them also exist in the fibres in the molecular state or relatively loose aggregates. Therefore, it can easily decompose by light.

  1. Differences:

The biggest difference between paint inks and dye inks as colorants is that dyes are soluble in water, while paints are completely insoluble in water.

DTF inkjet printer


SUBLICOOL’s CMYK digital textile printing ink is suitable for different kinds of fibres, including single-component fibre fabrics and multi-component fibre blended fabrics. Such as white ink heat transfer printing of cotton, wool, viscose fiber, chemical fiber and blended fabrics.

The coating ink has nice performance, bright colors, good light fastness, and weather fastness. The thermal transfer printing process of paint ink is relatively simple. Easy to complete the printing process without pre-treatment and post-washing. So this really realizes waterless printing, and it is also a real green environmental protection ink.

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