Any New Changes for UV Printing Market in 2023?

printer uv dtf
printer uv dtf

UV Printing also called Ultra Violet Printing, is a printing technique that uses special UV printing ink that allows the ink to be printed onto a large range of materials or ‘substrates’.  Also UV printing is one of the most flexible direct-to-object print processes. Its uses are almost limitless


UV printer can place the ink on the material and a specifically design UV light.  Acting as a catalyst, will follow behind, drying the ink so that it drys hard instantly. The UV printing ink curing process was originally designed to rapidly dry gel nail-polish during ladies manicures. It quickly became apparent that this quick drying print technology. It could be very useful in more commercial and industrial applications such as within the sign and print industry.


UV printing machine can print images on various materials, such as photographic paper, film, cloth, plastic, pvc, acrylic, glass, ceramic, metal, wood, leather, etc. It can be used for printing permanent full colour artwork onto a huge range of products, including gift ware, phone cases, pens, signage and promotional items. The automated features built into our included RIP enable easy operation of printing white and colour logos and artwork onto your products, regardless of experience and skill level.

uv dtf printer
uv dtf printer

Whats the DTF UV Printer?


UV DTF printer is a printer that uses UV ink and UV exposure to initially print a design onto a PET film. This process offers many advantages, including increased durability and affordability, over traditional printing methods. No heat-pressing is required.


UV dtf film printer works on almost all surfaces and can print out vibrant and high-quality images accurately. Unlimited materials: plastic, glass, ceramic, paper, cardboard, metal, leather, etc. Such as pens, notebooks, mobile phone cases, mice, vases, bottles, jars, mugs, packing boxes, wallets, pads, U disks. Unlimited Sizes and Shapes: Stick stickers on flat, cylindrical, curved, rhombus and other irregular shapes.


UV DTF printing is environmentally friendly. As UV curing ink is not solvent-based, no toxic substances will evaporate into the surrounding air. Also a highly flexible printing technique.  It can be helpful if you want to print or edit menus for restaurant menus, print logos on household electrical appliances, and so much more. It is also suitable for outdoor objects as they are durable and resistant to scratch and wear over time.


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