Application of high speed inkjet technology in today’s digital world

High speed inkjet technology has created many new opportunities for printing. Many consumers, even the “digital aborigines”, are surrounded by digital information such as e-mail and SMS, resulting in “digital fatigue”, which is exacerbated by the epidemic. During the epidemic, people pay more and more attention to data security, and many people are cautious about digital trading. Therefore, the traditional printing industry still has a market, and sometimes it can even stand out in the commercial competition.

In the past decade, inkjet printing has become an important part of printing solutions. The market has expanded from low-resolution monochrome inkjet printing to high-speed, full page and color inkjet printing systems. This evolution is mainly due to the following factors:

1.Higher print head resolution

2.More advanced ink formula

3.More types of inkjet paper

4.The improved drying technology reduces the production cost, is conducive to the development of high-speed digital printing system, and provides support for various popularization and application.

Today, inkjet systems run faster, operate easier, and have higher resolution. The scope of application is also wider. Inkjet equipment can improve productivity, reduce operating costs, and enable print service providers to better serve customers. More importantly, the new generation of technological innovation has brought new functions to inkjet equipment, making the product market more diversified.

In addition to full-color printing, high-speed inkjet equipment also has the advantage of personalized customization. Businesses can attract consumers through personalized customization, establish brand awareness and increase sales revenue. The high-speed inkjet system has the characteristics of high cost-effective personalized customization, small batch production, version control and so on. Moreover, the products made by inkjet technology are affordable, which is one of the reasons to attract consumers.

In today’s digital age, printed matter is still an important part of media publicity, and high-speed inkjet technology can produce more exquisite products than ever before. Today’s consumers like products that can meet their needs, and inkjet technology can just adapt to the changing needs of consumers.

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