Are DTF printers more accurate and more environmentally friendly?

DTF-A3 printing machine

The fineness of the DTF printers printing pattern can be easily controlled by controlling the ink droplet size of the inkjet print head. Among them, the ink droplet of the Epson micro-piezo print head is the smallest. And it can print images with a precision of 1440 dpi, so the precision is also higher, and the printed products will be finer and more effective.

Compare the pollution of traditional screen printing:

The environmental pollution brought by traditional screen printing is mainly reflected in the considerable amount of wastewater and waste ink produced during the production process. In the printing production process, more or less also need to use some bad solvents. And even plasticizers, hot group ink may add environmentally friendly plasticizers, such as printing water, decontamination oil, white oil, etc. Printing workers in the actual work will inevitably come into contact with chemical solvents, glue, crosslinking agents containing toxicity, chemical dust, etc., which will have an impact on workers’ health.

DTF heat transfer printer

Pet transfer film printer is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly without harming the body:

DTF printers do not produce much waste during the production process. And the entire inkjet printing process rarely produces waste ink. The whole source of pollution is less than that of traditional printers. Which has less impact on the environment and the health of those who come into contact with it. The DTF printing process does not produce a lot of wastewater and exhaust like traditional printing. And the whole printing process is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Which does not cause any damage to the human body.

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