Denim/Jeans has always been very popular. Discover eco-friendly denim with Sublicool printing solutions; One method that is quick, has no set up fees and no minimums is direct to film printing, Also known as DTF printing.

With the development of industry and the advancement of craftsmanship, fashionable denim clothes can be seen to be worn by enthusiasts throughout the year. In spring, a fashionable printed denim jacket, accompanied by the warm spring breeze, bathed in the spring sunshine, feels great.

In the scorching summer, some people like to wear cool short skirts, and some people like to wear long trousers. At this time, the ice silk denim wide-leg pants came into being. This kind of pants can be worn on the body and can block direct sunlight and prevent blackening when outdoors. In the case of indoor air-conditioning, it can effectively reduce the cool breeze brought by the air-conditioning to the knees.

In autumn, jeans and jackets can be a complete match, if you like denim clothes very much. Take the joy of harvest to reap a more mature self.

In winter, the wind is bitter. When the technology was not mature before, you might shiver in your favorite jeans. But now even wearing jeans or a jacket can withstand the cold wind. Why? Technological changes and full application of materials can add warmth-keeping materials such as artificial thick velvet or fur to the inside of clothes to resist cold and keep warm. At the same time, you can also show off your beauty in winter.

At this time, we will launch our DTF printer machine. This machine can transfer design patterns to denim clothing through PET film. You can choose your own design or invite designers. After the product is printed, you can ask your local celebrities to help promote your product, trust me, this will bring you the corresponding order. Make your products more popular!

Benefits Of DTF Printing For Denim/Jeans

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