DTF transfer ink

Can DTF White Ink Be Mixed Together?

DTF white ink

DTF white ink is a kind of special ink in the thermal transfer printing process. As anyone familiar with the white ink heat transfer printing machine knows, the ink for this machine should never be mixed and used together. Even different brands or batches of ink have different formulas! If two different formula inks are mixed, the chemical components in the ink may conflict and cause a new chemical reaction. Which can damage the print head of the printing machine.

Try to avoid using ink that is of substandard quality because mixing ink with different formulas will alter the color and quality of the ink. And substandard ink will harm the printing effects and clog the printer head. It can result in clogging or even damaging the print head.

Two points need to notice when replacing ink:

 First of all

Do not add the wrong ink – different types of ink products have different ingredients, and mixing them can change the color and quality of the ink and even cause blockages in the print head.


Do not use inferior ink – inferior ink’s raw material quality is poor, with many impurities, rough components, and poor fluidity. Although inferior ink is cheap, it can affect the print results and block the print head. The print head is the core component of the white ink heat transfer printing machine, and once damaged, replacement is the only option.

The cost of replacing the print head is not cheap. So it is necessary for customers to understand and implement some daily print head maintenance methods.

Is the DTF transfer ink suitable for Epson print heads?

Generally speaking, the shelf life of ink is one year. And we recommend using it up within one year. Improper storage may cause the ink to spoil prematurely. We advise keeping the ink in a cool, shady place to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, which may cause sedimentation and solidification, and result in clogging the print head of the white thermal transfer printing machine.

We usually recommend customers choose an ink that is suitable for their printer head brand. Using ink that is specially developed for the printer head is more advantageous for production and maintenance. Moreover, the matching degree between the white DTF transfer ink and the DTF printer head chosen according to the brand will be higher. And there will be less chance of chemical reactions occurring.

DTF transfer ink

SUBLICOOL can provide you with the ink that is specifically developed for the Epson printer head. It has the excellent quality, stable performance, environmentally friendly.

And it also has excellent wash resistance, higher quality and lower price, better washing fastness, exquisite effects, and reliable performance. It is a type of transfer printing ink specially designed for the Epson printer head.

Please note that when replacing the white thermal transfer ink. And you should shake the bottle a few times to even out the sediment before pouring it into the ink cartridge.

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