Can Proper Cleaning of Direct To Film Printer Printheads Save Ink?

DTF printing

As we all know, the printheads of Direct To Film Printer are relatively expensive and consumable that is prone to problems. A poorly handled will be very easy to block the ink phenomenon. In fact, the main reason is the higher precision of the printhead. The nozzle’s need to calculate in millimeters, with the naked eye simply can not see the existence of the spray hole. Imagine so precise accessories for the maintenance requirements are also very high. Some customers and friends in order to avoid the phenomenon of nozzle clogging, often clean the nozzle. In fact, this is the wrong approach. If there is no problem with the printheads, we do not recommend blindly cleaning the printheads, and frequent cleaning of the printheads will consume a lot of ink, resulting in a waste of ink, but also increase the cost of printing.

Direct To Film Printer will automatically clean the printhead when the printer is turned on, and there is a button to clean the printhead. If the automatic cleaning function of the device is invalid, you can manually clean the printhead. Manual cleaning should be done by disassembling the printhead as described in the operation manual. Manual cleaning of the nozzle can be in the front of the medical syringe set a section of thin hose, filled with strictly filtered water rinse, and rinse with a magnifying glass to carefully observe the spray hole, such as the spray hole next to the silt residue, can be used to remove the soft plastic products. Set aside for a long time without using the nozzle due to ink drying and clogging of the spray hole.

A3 DTF printer

Cleaning the DTF printhead should pay attention to the following points:

1, You do not use sharp objects to clean the nozzle. And can not hit the nozzle, and do not touch the nozzle with your hands.

2, You can not be disassembled in a charged state, Install of the printhead. And do not use your hands or other objects to contact the electrical contacts on the printhead.

3, You can not be removed from the DTF printing machine to place the printhead alone.

4, Be more plugged nozzle, you can use a cleaning solution to soak, rinse

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