Can UV DTF Digital Printing Stickers Be Applied To Ceramic Mugs?

UV DTF roll printer
UV DTF roll printer

Can UV DTF Digital Printing stickers be applied on ceramics? The answer is of course yes.UV transfer sticker is mainly in the form of label. It can be used on different items, including glass, acrylic, PVC board, ceramics, plastics, wood, steel and other materials on top of the product, paste the effect is very good, full of color and shape, is currently very popular a variety of UV stickers.

Variety of UV stickers through digital inkjet printing, technology can achieve color ink, white ink plus varnish one-time molding effect. This effectively simplifies the entire printing process, greatly improving production efficiency at the same time. But also to meet the needs of the design of personalized customization. SUBLICOOL’s UV DTF printers can print a variety of personalized label patterns as you wish. Which can be done in the graphic completely without limitations.

UV DTF transfer post pattern personality novel, bright color. The use of UV ink green environmental pollution-free, once can complete a variety of different processes. So that the production of UV DTF Digital Printing labels faster and more concise. Only need to set up the printing process, UV printers can automatically work, that is, hit that is, no need to wait at all, the price is low. The indicators are very consistent with the current labeling market.

UV roll to roll printer labeling features:

1. With the sticker

UV DTF transfer stickers are very simple to operate. It can be posted at will, with the use of stickers, a tear that is used, convenient and fast, the use of a wide range. It directly solves the vacancy of irregular shape of spray printing and breaks through the limitation that the pattern can only be sprayed on flat plate.

2. Colorful effect

UV DTF sticker and ordinary labeling has a very obvious advantage, bright patterns, rich colors, strong sense of three-dimensionality, high gloss, can directly show the effect of 3D. It easy to bring up and easy to separate when transferring, does not leave residual adhesive. Where you want to stick where you want to stick.

UV DTF printer
UV DTF printer
3. Environmental friendly and odorless

It uses consumables are green, ultra-low pollution, compared to weak solvents, screen printing that kind of unpleasant pungent odor. UV transfer ink greatly reduces the pollution, can be used directly on the children’s schoolbags and toys and other products above.

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