Can UV DTF Film Printer Print Anti-counterfeiting Code?

UV Printing

UV DTF Film Printer is a printer for printing labels and stickers. It is used in a wide range of applications and can achieve a variety of data such as digital codes, two-dimensional codes, barcodes, colors, patterns, and other data printing at the same time. In the high-speed production process, always maintain high precision and accurate color performance. As well as the consistency of printing quality, for the rich data for printing and production operations to provide a more convenient and fast solution.

UV printers and the market with the same frequency and rise

The development of e-commerce has accelerated the process of product iteration and updating, the product cycle is shorter. And brand competition is more intense. In order to improve product recognition and attractiveness, product packaging, personalized marketing, and anti-counterfeiting code labels more and more attention.

It plays a great role in the UV printing production process.

UV printer printing can be printed by embedding a unique identification code, serial number, or personalized information in the print. By applying such UV DTF stickers on top of the product, consumers can directly scan or enter such information to obtain detailed information about the product, such as production date, source of raw materials, quality inspection report, or even event information.

A3 UV DTF Printing

While traditional UV printing methods require the production of printing plates and the need to change the layout for each print run. SUBLICOOL’s UV Printer Digital Printing does not require much extra work. It can adjust and change variable data in the package design in real time according to the brand’s requirements and preferences. As well as through system commands during the printing process. This means that companies can more easily respond to changes in market demand and provide customized products and services. The importance of UV printing technology is that it enables fast and accurate generation of personalized prints. The anti-counterfeiting code can guarantee the consistency of goods and brands, adding credibility to the goods.

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