Can we use sublimation ink for DTF transfers?

DTF transfers

What are DTF transfers?

Direct to film means a process which the ink can use on the special film. Then covering with a special powder that needs to be cured to become an adhesive and then applied directly to the garment.
The great DTF printers can lay down a white layer the full color image which allows the transfer on any color shirt or any type of fabric . Of course including black. And I suppose that the biggest problem for many crafters on sublimation is the cost of startup. This is why we are with this hack of printing DTF transfers on sublimation printers.

Can we use sublimation for DTF transfers?

This answer may be yes. The dye sublimation printers don’t print white ink so you are still limited to light and white t-shirts when printing DTF transfers. When you can see putting a DTF transfer printer on a sublimation printer on a dark shirt doesn’t work. but solving the issue of not being able to sublimate on cotton shirts-they may be light or white colored.

DTF t-shirt printer

What’s the process of make DTF transfers with sublimation ink step by step?

So how to print the transfers on a heat sublimation printer? First please make sure that you have the correct DTF supplies. You must need DTF film and DTF powder. Then you start by loading a sheet of DTF film into your sublimation printer. And at the same time to sure that the film is oriented. Of course it prints on the cloudy side of the film.
After that, open your design in the sublimation printer print manager . Then you have to open the print manager and adjust for the number of copies, selected the correct color profile .

And sent the design to print and make sure that the image prints in reverse. When the DTF sheet comes out of the sublimation printer the ink will be wet that will allow the direct to film powder to stick to it. So cover the sheet with DTF powder and tap off any excess.

And once the powder is cured, you have to be ready to apply the DTF transfers. Traditional DTF transfers can apply at about 320 degrees for 20seconds or so. But I found that DTF transfers with sublimation ink are better applied closer to 360 degrees for about 45 seconds with a heat transfer.

After the time is up, peel off the DTF film and the transfers will be on the t-shirts.

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