With the more and more competitive printing market, the buyers are looking for more vibrant and colorful textile printing.Thought of as the holy grail in digital printing, DTF(Direct Transfer Film) priting has become the emering force in the printing market with its irreplacable merits, which has already achieved the same effect of the screen printing. The traditional screen prinitng, known as high-quality printing, can make the ink well-preserved in the fabric.Besides the cotton, DTF Printers can be printed on blends, spandex,flex,silk, polyester, denim and more.

What is a DTF Canvas Bag?

Today, I will talk about the DTF printing on canvas bag. Compared with other printing version, like screen printing and other traditional printing ways, the DTF printing has its irreplaceable merits. As for DTF printera, they print the patterns on the PET film, spread the hot melt powder and heat transfer. After cooling down to the room temperature, you peel the PET film and then the printing process is finished. Therefore, the biggest of DTF printing is environment-friendly, because it won’t create the waste water and other effluent. Besides, the offset type hot printing printer is clean in rough powder and fine powder except for no waste discharge. It can be widely used in Polo T-shirts, canvas bag, shoes without any restriction on any fabric (pure cotton, polyester, cotton hemp, etc.).

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Why DTF Canvas Bag becomes popular?

The Korean heat transfer that was active in the market before can no longer meet the needs of mass customers. With strong decoration and wash resistance, DTF printing is become more and more people’s first choice. In the daily shopping or commuting, more and more people prefer to use canvas bags, because canvas is more environmentally friendly, in this social life advocating environmental protection, canvas bags will not cause pollution to the link. At the same time, with the awakening of individuality, DIY or customized canvas bags are becoming the new trend. Different industries choose different styles of custom-made canvas bags. If it is used as rice packaging bags, the canvas bags can be made into bundle bags. If it is used as student publicity bags, it can be made into conventional styles, bottomless and sideless, and its own slogan can be printed on the canvas bags. When we go out, go to work, go shopping and so on, we can use this kind of canvas bag to carry objects. It is not only strong, but also can be used many times. It is not only one shoulder, but also portable and easy to use.

Why Choose DTF Printing?

The DTF printing is to print on the special tranfer film, spread the hot melt powder on the back side of the PET film, heat press the pattern into the garment and peel the film when it gets cold. As some tiny characters amd technical lines, the DTF printing can also print them clearly. DTF printing also means you don’t have to worry about color difference and fastness. Once the ink is solidified, and it locks the color, so you don’t have to worry about fade over time. The pattern and text printed by DTF are very clear, because heat tranfer prevents the aging of traditional methods.

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Here You Can Chek Some Applications of DTF