Choosing A UV Inkjet Printer Need To Pay Attention To Matters?

UV DTF printer

People’s eyes are not limited to the same design and packaging. The demand for personalization of “different”, “unique”, and “outstanding style” is more likely to capture the hearts of consumers. SUBLICOOL’s UV Inkjet Printer equipment provides a more convenient and reasonable solution to the packaging industry by virtue of the unique advantages of no need for plate-making, fast printing, and the ability to change any graphic at any time. And compared to the mass production of traditional UV printing equipment, our UV printer equipment investment is smaller and more suitable for low-cost start-ups and initial entrepreneurs.

Choose the right printhead:

Choose UV printers need to pay attention to the following matters, stable equipment can not be separated from the quality of precision parts support. Printhead as the primary core component, largely represents the core performance of the equipment. A good printhead can achieve higher precision, speed, stability, and longer service life. The color management system, on the other hand, provides support for rich color reproduction. Through intelligent analysis and control, together with high-quality inks, it can enable prints to achieve better color performance.

Suitable ink and UV DTF film:

When choosing a UV printer, stable equipment, quality output, and professional solutions and services are indispensable. Utilizing the budget at your disposal, the equipment configuration requirements. And the actual printing needs of the product to choose from. Printing consumables are varied, different UV ink and printing film process will also bring different printing results.

UV DTF printing

Therefore, SUBLICOOL recommends that you buy UV printers, according to how much the budget to understand the program for your own needs. Accounting for efficiency, capacity, and production costs, to choose the best UV printer for your own. Finally, to choose a manufacturer with after-sales protection, to better protect the purchase of A3 UV printer after-sales issues.

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