Choosing The Hottest Thermal Sublimation Printers For 2024!

Find out what you need to know about Thermal Sublimation Printers, as well as choose the right one and the style you prefer.

1.9m dye sublimation printing
1.9m dye sublimation printing

First of all, what does a thermal sublimation printer do?

Sublimation printing is a printing method that allows you to use a special ink of some kind to have the ink printed on a heat-sublimated paper. Which is then transferred to the subject matter at high temperatures, and can be made to stay permanently. Such as polyester or drapery fabric. Once the re-sublimation printing process is cooled and completed.  The pattern is embedded in the object and will barely crack, peel, or wash off with water.

Can I do full sublimation printing with any printer?

No, you will need a specialized sublimation printer. And in addition to that, you will need specialized inks and sublimation paper.

So, what is the best printer?

Honestly, finding the right printer depends on your budget and usage plan, plan to include sublimation projects in your consideration, choose a thermal sublimation printer from SUBLICOOL. It’s affordable and a great way to personalize your leisure. Choosing the right width as well as the proficiency of the printhead will be decisive for your printed product

Thermal Sublimation Printers
Thermal Sublimation Printers

What distinguishes sublimation from heat transfer vinyl, also known as iron-on vinyl?

When something is sublimated, the ink is incorporated into the material and cannot be removed or damaged; rather, it becomes a part of the object. Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) simply adheres to the item and can crack, fade, or peel off completely. This is valid for screen printing too — screen printing ink is a layer on top of the item. And isn’t implanted in the item like dye sublimation ink.

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