DTF printer

Color Processing in DTF Printing

DTF printer

We always talk about DTF printing that can perfectly reproduce the color of photos, but only if you have the correct color processing.

RIP software

At present, the output printing software in the digital printing industry mostly uses Maintop, and the file format is PRN file format.

The standard RIP software for the Sublicool DTF printing solution is also Maintop. In addition, we can support other RIP software of different models, such as Photoprint.

Set high resolution file

DTF printing requires the spot color channel of the pattern outline in the Photoshop channel. Then whether the point, line and surface contours of the pattern are clear and accurate will involve the resolution of the image file.

Generally speaking, theoretically, the higher the resolution, the clearer the picture; The lower the resolution, the more blurred the image. However, if you directly change the low resolution to high resolution in Photoshop, it will not become clearer, but will be more blurred.

Therefore, you should set a new drawing file to high resolution when creating it, or set it to high resolution when converting from an image file format.

Create spot color channel

Because DTF needs a white ink spot color channel, and this white ink spot color channel should be made according to the outline of the pattern, so the pattern must be a 0-layer transparent bottom.

Change the pattern in the layer into a selection, directly create a spot color channel in the channel, and change the name of the spot color channel to a name recognized by the Maintop printing system. This name will vary depending on the software version and the print board.

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