Different applications of DTF printing

DTF printer

DTF (direct to film) printing is the process of transferring images to fabrics. It is similar to DTG printing, just as it is directly used for garment printing, but the process of using different types of printers is slightly different. DTF printing is used to make all kinds of printed clothing, from shirts to hats to pants and so on.

DTF printing can transfer any type of image including artwork, photos, logo, design, etc. to the fabric, which is not limited to clothing.

DTF printing allows you to create:

T-shirt. One of the most common items for DTF printing is T-shirts. From schools to sports to other organizations, T-shirts have been in great demand.

A pocket on a Hoodie or shirt. Printing on a T-shirt may be easy, but when you want to design on a T-shirt pocket or the front pocket of a Hoodie Sweatshirt, DTF printing can help you print in these difficult to locate clothing areas.

Hat. From baseball caps and truck driver hats to other styles, hats are difficult to print without damage. DTF printing can print logos and designs on challenging shaped hats.

Printed labels. Many clothing companies choose to print labels inside their clothing products, and DTF printing is a way to achieve this goal.

Shorts / pants. Unlike T-shirts and other clothing, DTF printing allows logo and design to be printed on shorts or pants.

Package. DTF can be printed on handbags, waist bags, wallets, strap bags and many other types of bags.

Flags / banners. DTF printing need not be limited to wearable fabrics. Other items such as flags, banners and tablecloths can be printed for activities and fairs.

Any other fabric article. DTF printing has no restrictions on what can be created in clothing and apparel.

If you need to make printed clothes, the best printer is the Sublicool DTF printer. Together with other printing accessories such as DTF ink, DTF film and DTF hot melt powder, the printer provides professional appearance effects. Whether you want to enter the field of fashion design or have an enterprise that creates custom clothing, DTF printing has many different applications.

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