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Digital printing is gradually occupying the traditional printing market

sublimation printer

Looking at the current market, the digital printing market is growing, and the market share of digital printing in the entire printing market is growing. Especially affected by the epidemic, many traditional printing enterprises cannot deliver on time. Therefore, under such influence, many traditional printing manufacturers also want to deliver finished products quickly. So they moved to digital printing. The intelligent production of digital printing does not require a large number of employees, so the production is still fast during the epidemic. In addition, intelligence is definitely the future trend.

In fact, because many digital printing manufacturers in the market have just introduced technology, many enterprises cannot use technology to achieve stable mass production, because immature technology will lead to various problems in the products produced.

As you just introduced some technology, the equipment is new and needs a period of debugging and proofing. There should be no such large equipment now. You can directly produce very good products once you buy them. Therefore, many manufacturers are considering developing and accumulating customers for their own enterprises at low prices.

In fact, every mention of the price issue will cause some sensation, especially when it is directly cut to such a low level. Many people think that the low price of digital printing is just to attract everyone’s attention. In actual production, the price will increase a lot due to various reasons, or this is a smoke bomb deliberately released to attract customers. To put it bluntly, it seems that it is price war that grabs the market.

At present, digital printing technology is developing very well. Compared with the previous technology, the technology has made a lot of progress, because the technological progress has also led to the higher and higher yield of digital printing, faster and faster, and the cost is also increasing. Decrease. In addition, the ink used for digital printing is also changing from imported to domestic, and the ink cost is also reducing the cost of digital printing.

In order to do business, some factories are willing to compete with a “break even” attitude and start a price war. “No matter how low the price is, someone will do it!” “Low price competition” is more terrible than enterprises that fail in competition. In the digital printing industry, of course, the price factor should be considered, but the key problem is that when customers cannot identify the quality of products, product quality is the key.

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