Direct To Film Printer Ink Supply System Is Not Stable Will?

DTF printer machine

For Direct To Film Printer that utilizes the negative pressure principle for ink supply, unstable negative pressure also directly affects the ink supply pressure of the printer printhead. Which in turn affects the inking effect of the DTF printer printhead. The level of the ink cartridge will also greatly affect the ink supply power of the DTF printer nozzle. DTF printer ink supply system is not stable will directly affect the printing effect. The color when the liquid level is high is darker than that when the liquid level is low. Which in turn leads to chromatic aberration problems in the printed patterns.

The size of the operating voltage of the DTF printhead directly affects the jetting strength of the ink droplets, especially the piezoelectric printhead. If the voltage is too large or too small, there will be an overall visual effect that will be different shades of darkness and clarity of the problem occurs. So before the printout, to print on the printhead voltage is set to within the normal range of use, the voltage is generally adjusted in the software. The printer’s input should be connected to the voltage regulator to protect the DTF printer voltage.

DTF-A3 Plus Printer

Due to different DTF printing machines, the technology has certain limitations, coupled with environmental factors. Which affects the color difference of clothing printing products. The ink supply system is to supply ink to the printer nozzle configuration. And the nozzle is the main accessory of the print pattern, so once the ink supply system is unstable. More or less will cause a certain color difference to the printed products. So we must first guarantee the stability of the ink supply system before starting the printing task. In order to complete the next printing task.

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