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Do Direct Transfer Film Printer Rails Need Maintenance?

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It goes without saying that everyone knows that the printhead of a Direct Transfer Film Printer is a valuable accessory that requires a lot of attention to maintenance. So how many people will pay attention to the guide rail needs maintenance? This issue may not be very concerned about, in fact, the maintenance of the guide rail is also quite important. If there is a stain on the top of the guide rail is also very much affected by the progress of printing and printing results! Then how to maintain the guide rail SUBLICOOL gives you a trick. You have a DTF printer friends can refer to.

The specific operation of the guide rail maintenance:     

DTF printer guide rail maintenance is a step-by-step process. After you start the power of the Direct Transfer Film Printer every day, let the cart empty back and forth a few times, the dirt inside the guide rail slider will be left on the guide rail. Repeat this several times, and then wipe off the dirt with a non-woven cloth. If there is a strong stain on the top of the guide rail there is no way to wipe it off with a non-woven cloth, you can use a small amount of alcohol or cleaning fluid to scrub it clean.

 Secondly, don’t forget to maintain it after the DTF film printing.

When the daily DTF printer printing job is completed, you should clean and maintain the guide rail. Use a non-woven cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe the dirt on top of the guide rail. And then use a non-woven cloth dipped in a little sewing machine oil to wipe the guide rail. So that the stains do not stick on for too long and harden and become difficult to clean.

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In general, no matter what printing machinery, no maintenance, no love repair failure is very common. Timely maintenance can save a lot of unnecessary failures, less equipment failure is also another way to save costs. So your DTF printer rails remember to maintain on time every day in order to reduce failure, and use longer!

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