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Do DTF Printer Machine Better than Others?

DTF printer machine

DTF printer machine requires more smooth and more textured printing, rich and long-lasting prints compared to other printing machines. The shirts after DTF printing have a nice texture, and the ink can generally hold up well on all types of fabrics.

DTF (direct-to-film printing) is an emerging technology that allows users to print their customized t-shirt designs onto special films. It is a unique process that will enable you to combine the best digital inkjet printing and transfer printing.

And considering how competitive the t-shirt market is today, customers are looking for bright, vibrant prints that “pop” and look great on all types of fabrics. Direct to Film does that and more. People are asking which direct-to-film printer they should buy, so they can know they’ve made a good choice.

DTF Printers-core advantages

DTF doesn’t need to do a pre-treatment step, while DTG must have this extra step. The lack of pre-treatment will help you shorten the process of printing, and you can throw them to the heat press with so many designs you love. The t-shirt printing by DTF printer gets a great texture and ink usually perform perfectly on any fabric.

The flatness of DTF is a well-known advantage

DTF printing machine still has another advantage. You can print something on a customized film that lies flat inside the printer. In the first step, you can do the printing and in the second step, you can do the application step. These two steps can do separately. And you don’t need to worry about wrinkles or printer head bumps because you are printing on a flat substrate inside the machine. We can do direct-to-film printing by using a direct-to-film printer on a special transfer paper. After you run the pattern or design through the printer, you can use a unique hot melt adhesive power on the back of the pattern on the DTF printing film. And the last step is to put the fabric into the heat press for pressing.

The DTF printer can be controlled by special software. That means you can control the printing’s every layer. Especially, the fine glue power is definitely clean and quick to use.

More features of the DTF printing

Direct-to-film printers also let you print something tiny and smaller prints clearly. This means you won’t be worried about the color differences and the color fastness. If they are cured, the ink can be locked, so you don’t have to care for its color over time.

The graphics and text printed on the printing films are so clear. And hot-stamping avoids the fibrillation that can sometimes occur with traditional methods.

pet film DTF printer

Direct transfer film printing clothing

DTF is suitable for all kinds of compatible fabrics. These include cotton, leather, nylon, and so on. The traditional DTG printer can perform for cotton fabrics, but DTF is suitable for a wider range of materials. That means DTF transfer printing may be the most versatile digital printer on the market.

You can print or transfer any colors and patterns onto garments. All of this doesn’t have to heat print on expensive A or B paper, as with white dye-sublimation printers. This also reduces the second step compared to other methods.

DTF’s reliability and deployment

Direct transfer printers combine reliability, quality, and high productivity. They can deal with production volumes, which is critical in this fast-growing industry. For high-quality results, you need DTF powder and DTF sheet for transfer printing and, of course, DTF ink.

There is no doubt that the market, especially in the fashion sector, is focused on sustainability. Reducing the pre-processing steps is better for the environment, and because it reduces the over-spray associated with other methods, most T-shirt companies should consider a direct film printer.

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