Do You Know About The Best Heat Sublimation Transfers?

dye transfer sublimation printer
dye transfer sublimation printer

As a hot technology in the printing world, heat sublimation transfers have changed the traditional way of printing, bringing more convenience and gorgeous advantages to the printing world. So how to make heat sublimation successful? How to make the effect of heat sublimation better?

  1. Selection of heat sublimation temperature

The temperature of heat sublimation is very delicate, which depends on the heat transfer machine, heat sublimation paper and materials. Besides, you can’t blindly pursue a higher or lower sublimation temperature, you should adjust the temperature according to the situation. However, it is necessary to ensure that the pattern is completely printed on the target object.

  1. Selection of dye sublimation paper

For the choice of paper, you can’t choose ordinary printing paper, you have to buy specialized thermal sublimation paper, which is specially made for Heat Sublimation Transfers. The thickness and length of the paper are to be carefully selected, too thin easy to penetrate the ink, too thick the cost will need to increase. It is best to consult a professional technician to make sure everything is in order.

  1. Selection of thermal sublimation ink

Printing pattern is clear, whether the color is uniform and bright with the ink also has a great correlation. And as one of the important consumables, the quality of ink determines the quality of full sublimation printing. Ink color, brand, and the degree of matching with the paper and machine all need to be taken into account.

2.2m wide format sublimation printer
2.2m wide format sublimation printer
  1. Operation specifications and details

For the specific operation of the print speed, machine commissioning, etc., but also in strict accordance with the instructions or under the tutelage of the technicians. So that the results can print out very good products. So if you want to print the perfect artwork, you have to pay attention to a lot of details and choose the right manufacturer to provide you with perfect after-sale protection.

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