Dye Sublimation Printing Inks

Do You Know Dye Sublimation Printing Inks?

high-quality water based dye ink

Sublimation printing is a well-known and also the preferred method for creating vibrantly tinted prints and also remarkable styles. This uses special dye sublimation printing inks which made from particle colored particles. The following will explain it to you.

What is dye ink?

Dye ink uses color compounds which have been dissolved in fluids, and water-soluble colors means sugar that dissolves into water and pigments that are mixed in water. Dye-based inks may offer more color options for colorful prints. However,unless the tag is covered, they will not hold up to water contact. If you don’t rub against anything troubling,the print will be water-resistant.

What is sublimation ink?

The Sublimation is a process of a substance from a solid state to a gaseous,vaporous state under the influence of temperature.

The dye molecules in gaseous form can be held by the synthetic fiber during the thermal transfer and penetrate deep into it. And sublimation ink is a water-based dye sublimation ink. However,subliamtion ink are different from pigment ink. Because of that the sublimation inks must withstand high temperatures and pressures,and some materials.

Types of digital textile printing ink:

Sublimation ink can be applied in a wide variety of dyes. Another type is solvent sublimation ink.

  1. Sublimation ink

A typical ink contains water as the solvent to suspend any dyes,whcih occupy 30-95% of the weight of its composition.

Surfactants between 0.01%-5%,which depends on their type, which will reduce stress by emulsifying active ingredients to prevent them from degradation. This is an important thing,because it allows us all beautiful images without caring about fading at a high volume of prints.

  1. Solvent dye sublimation ink

Solvent-based makes from a variety of different solvents, and depending on the type (and concentration) they may also contain additives.

  1. Latex ink

This is much better for both the driver and the setting than Eco-solvent and solvent inks. They are efficiently, making them scratch-resistant,waterproof,as well as chemical/light/fade-resistant.

sublimation transfer ink


Advantage of dye-sublimation ink:

1 Simple printing technology without flushing

2. Improve s the printing quality of images to comply with outdoor use requirements.

3. It’s very friendly to the environment and improved quality of water-based paints.

4. It can print multicolor images of various complexity at high speeds.


It’s very important to know that the wide format inkjet printer are clear by their all-natural structure,which makes them functional just for white and light things and histories. And the dye sublimation inks will certainly not move on non-coated products. Hope that this article will help you

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