A3 DTF printing

Do You Know the 3 Main Equipment In DTF To Film Printing

A3 DTF printing
A3 DTF printing

DTF To Film printer is a type of printer designe for a specific printing process used in textile and fabric printing. DTF printing involves transferring designs directly onto special films, which are then apply to fabric using a heat press.


Printing on Film:

The DTF printer prints the design onto a special film coated with adhesive and a release layer. DTF printers use either inkjet or similar technologies to apply inks directly onto a special film. These inks are typically formulated to adhere to the film and transfer well to fabric during the heat press process.


Film Cutting:

After printing, the DTF cutter may be employe to cut the film into the specific shape or size needed for the intended application. This could include cutting around the printed design or creating custom shapes.

DTF Printer
DTF Printer
Transfer to Fabric:

The cut film is then place on the fabric, and a heat press is use to transfer the design from the film to the fabric.

Heat press machine is a device use in various printing and textile decoration processes to apply heat and pressure to a substrate, transferring a design or graphic from a transfer paper or other medium onto the surface of the material. Heat press machines are commonly use in applications such as garment decoration, fabric printing, and promotional product customization

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