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Do You Know the 3 Key Consumables For Your DTF Film Printing

dtf pet film
dtf pet film

DTF film printing is a method use in the garment industry to print designs and graphics directly onto fabric. DTF inkjet printing consumables typically refer to the materials and supplies use in the DTF printing process. These consumables may include:


DTF Ink:

DTF printing uses special ink that is designed to adhere to fabric. DTF printing ink is a crucial component in the DTF printing process, as it’s responsible for creating the actual design on the PET film or transfer sheet and then transferring it to the fabric. The choice of DTF ink can significantly impact the quality, color vibrancy, and durability of the printed designs


DTF Film:

DTF printing typically involves printing the design onto a clear or semi-transparent film, which is then transferred onto the fabric. The film acts as a carrier for the ink. DTF PET film is a type of film use in the DTF printing process. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, which is a type of plastic that is commonly use in various applications, including packaging, textiles, and printing.


dtf printing ink
dtf printing ink

DTF Powder or Adhesive:

DTF powder, also known as DTF adhesive powder or DTF fixer powder, is a consumable use in the DTF printing process. It plays a critical role in ensuring that the ink adheres properly to the fabric during the heat transfer phase. After printing on the film, a special adhesive or powder may be apply to the ink to help it adhere to the fabric during the heat transfer process.


Heat Press or Dryer:

A heat press or dryer is use to transfer the design from the film onto the fabric. This machine applies heat and pressure to bond the ink to the fabric.


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