Do you know why DTF film printers are so preferred?


DTF film printer can generate the very same quality Tees as the sublimation printer as well as it can likewise complete some works that sublimation printers can’t achieve. Without the material limitations, it can be published on lycra, polyester, and also cotton. For one more, it has no shade limitations. You can get great and also splendid colors in both dark and light fabric. Consequently, the DTF printers have actually eliminated all the limitations of the conventional printing process.


dtf printer
dtf printer


DTF printers save you overall printing prices. It can offer a high profit for your company. It’s estimated that there is a large development of DTF printers in the texture sector in the following couple of years. The providers think that a growing number of companies will join DTF printing modern technology for its foreseeable benefits. If you are the employer of a fabric or Tees firm and also want to generate published materials effectively and financially, the DTF printer is a possible instruction.


dtf printer
dtf printer


The operation process of DTF Transfer:

First, Use a dtf printer equipped with pigment textile ink to print the pattern on the DTF film sheets and rolls.

Second. Sprinkle the hot melt adhesive powder to the DTF film sheets which with patterns on it immediately after the printing is completed (to prevent the pattern ink from drying and the hot melt adhesive powder cannot stick to the pattern), shake off the hot melt adhesive powder outside the pattern to prevent excess Hot melt adhesive powder remains on the DTF film sheets.

Third,  Set the temperature of the heat press machine to 180°C, place the printed DTF film sheets in the middle of the backing plate, bake for 40-50S, and then melt the glue powder and spread it on the pattern.

Fouth, The temperature of the heat press machine is set to 180?, the time is 8-10S, then put the DTF film sheets with pattern on the heat press machine, pressed down, to finish the transferring on the fabric.


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