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Do You Need A Direct to Garment Printer?

DTG printer

Direct to garment printer is one hot printing way to print more high-quality and detailed prints. This kind of machine will let your prints stand out of others, and what’s this? How does it work? And what it applied for?

Besides, if you have a lot of questions about it, you will get your answer in this passage. We covered all the information about DTG you need to know and may help you improve your overall operations and services. Besides, we also offered some product ideas regarding your business.

What’s direct to garment printing?

There is no doubt to say that direct-to-garment printing is a process where inks and designs can be directly applied to garments and make your design stand out of others. This is one reason for its popularity.

Another reason for its popularity is its production time. Compared to screen printing, the DTG works in the same way as regular printers, but its simplicity and convenience are good for one-off printing and hurried customer orders. If you are working on large quantities, there is no need to use DTG, because it will cost too much time.

It’s an efficient printing process that can meet the needs of more detailed prints, if you meet a particularly tricky or detailed one, you should choose this kind of printing to get the best results.

How does it work?

DTG couldn’t be easier anymore. I suppose that if you can use other printing machines, you can use the DTG shirt printing machine. The only difference between them is that you can print on garments instead of paper. The ink can be inserted into the garment and soaked into fibers. In this way, it prolongs the durability of the prints.

However, regarding the dark colors, you may need to add to the extra stage. You should treat them with a special liquid, which helps the ink bond with the fibers of the garment.

Regarding the DTG, color is not a problem. If you use a suitable processing fluid and ink color, you can create any amazing designs and complicated details on garments in any color.

So, there is no doubt that you can create something with no limitations on a blank white background or a deep black background. When it comes to compatibility, the only thing you need to consider is the DTG material itself. I suppose that using 50%-100% cotton is the best choice. Otherwise, the ink can’t bond with the garment properly. And no one wants to see that, right?

Polo shirts and t-shirts may be some of the most popular products while using DTG. They will be not in danger of going out of style. We can adapt these products to different industries and styles. You may have plenty of options to get creative.

DTG shirt printing

Benefits of DTG printer

If you want to produce complex and detailed prints, let’s pay attention to DTG. This is a great advantage to offering you a personalized service.DTG may save you time and money. You can spare more time and energy for the industry you want to explore and help drive your business forward.

DTG is also green and environmentally friendly. Which means less waste and electricity needed. Therefore, you can use your material and ink wisely.



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