Does The Quality Of DTF Ink Affect The Life Of The Printhead?

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Whether the quality of DTF ink will affect the life of the printhead, may be the question of many customers. We all know that the DTF printhead is a very precise accessory. It needs to be well maintained to ensure the accuracy of printing and to prolong the life of the printhead. The use of poor-quality ink will indeed affect the life of the printhead, thus increasing the cost of printing.

The most common failures of DTF film printers are nozzle ink blockage, line breakage, color misalignment, and other problems.

And in most cases, this kind of failure problem has some relationship with the ink. Or directly because of the poor quality of the ink caused by the failure. The quality of ink can directly determine the effect of printing products and consumables. And the printhead is very precise, carelessness will lead to the problem of clogging the printhead. So it is very important in the choice of ink.

The low temperature will make the viscosity of the ink change.

Especially the poor quality ink in winter ink viscosity becomes larger, clogging the printhead, producing oblique spray and ink break phenomenon, affecting the life of the DTF printhead. Therefore, customers should choose ink with high smoothness and good quality when purchasing ink. SUBLICOOL suggests customers choose high-quality SUBLICOOL DTF ink, which with smoothness, low viscosity affected by temperature, and long-time output without disconnection. In addition, ink storage should also pay attention to, ink for a long time in a sub-zero environment. It is easy to produce quality change, you can save it in a 15 ℃ -30 ℃ environment.

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Replacement of ink without protecting the printhead will also affect the printhead inkjet status. Do not remove the printhead from the printer alone, especially in dusty places, the water contained in the ink will gradually evaporate, and dry ink will lead to nozzle clogging. If after cleaning or can not alleviate the situation of ink blockage. You can find a professional technician staff to deal with!

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