dtf pet film



DTF PET film is used in the direct to film printing process. These films are different from those used for screen printing and have better transmission characteristics.

DTF film is available in cut sheets and rolls. It is based on the type of peel after transfer. Depending on the temperature, the film can be either a hot-peel or cold-peel film.

  • Size: 30/60cmx100m/roll,A4/A3
  • Applicable ink: pigment ink
  • Special rules: the number of meters can be customized
dtf pet film

Film Paramerter

Product Detail
Product NameDTF PET Film   
SizeA3, A4 30cm, 60cm   
Suitable areaDTF / DTG Digital Inkjet printers   
Suitable MaterialCotton, Polyester, Linen, Nylon and Fabric
Payment termsT/T, VISA, L/C,Paypal, Money Gram   
Color FastnessAt Least 30 Washing Times   
Delivery ExpressAir or Sea shipping   

Film Features:

DTF PET film with high ink absorption, easy to clean powder.

Small thickness tolerance, good matte, low heat shrinkage, good release

Surface is coated with matte release agent, smooth without wrinkles.

Instead of regular paper, insert the PET film in the printer trays

High temperature resistance, low thermal shrinkage, easy to demould.

Wide applications, T-shirts, bags, shoes, wood panels, etc.

dtf pet film
pet film


1). Printing Fluency

2.) High colour density, wide colour gamut

3.) Suitable with a variety of materials.

4.) Washable and Durable

5.) Environmentally friendly

6.) Cold or Warm peel, much more easier to use

7.) High precision, 2-3mm words also okay


DTF PET film can be transferred on a wide range of fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, nylon, canvas and denim. Our DTF films have excellent ink absorption for high-precision printing, Use our film you will achieve high-quality, breathable and smooth prints like:

Soft signage


Backpacks and luggage

Flags & banners



And more

dtf pet film

How to use DTF Pet Film Printing:


1. Print the design image

2.After printing, let stand 1-2 minutes

3.Sprinkle the powder onto the printed design. Make sure it is evenly distributed to all sides of the print.

4.Powder can be heated by press machine/oven/flashcuring

5.After the powder has melted like an orange peel, remove the remaining powder that sticks outside the image area

6.Next, pre-heat the shirt to the temperature of 160 degrees for 10 seconds then let it cool

7.After it cools off, put the PET film DTF on the t-shirt.

8.Press again 15 seconds for finishing