DTF Printer VS White Toner Printer

DTF Printer VS White Toner Printer

DTF shirt transfer printer

Are you thinking about how to efficiently deal with clothing orders? We will face some choices: DTF printer VS White Toner Printer


We also call DTF printing direct-to-film printing, which means printing onto the film and then transferring it to the object. On the contrary, White Toner Transfer printing on colored, black, and even transparent paper, transfer your designs to other materials, and so on.


Let’s first look at their similarities. Both types can print on film. Both of these printing machines use a special material film, they are based on pet transparent materials and both have special coatings with specific processes. After printing to film, some kind of adhesive additive is used. And both printing methods support cold-peelable substrate types for vibrant colors, clear graphics, and long-lasting durability.

Difference: DTF or White Toner Printer

  1. The process:

After equipping the DTF printer with matching ink and membrane, we need to find a RIP to run him. There are new RIPs for these devices on the market, what we need is to figure out the software ourselves. And the white toner has very mature rip software, which can be driven freely.

  1. Ink problem:

The unique ink used by DTF uses better pigments, which optimizes the original ink used for DTG. Both DTF and DTG suffer from ink settling, a problem that requires vigorous agitation and frequent heavy cleaning. For DTF, there is almost no clogging of DTG ink, and it is the same for white toner.

  1. Technique differences:

DTF uses an inkjet printer to deposit a layer of ink on the membrane, then shakes off the excess by shaking the adhesive powder and flicking the paper. After the powder is applied, it is melted and the ink is allowed to dry. Then transfer to the target object.

While the other uses a high-speed laser printer.

Technical difference: In fact, these two printing technologies are thermal transfer printing at similar temperatures and pressure. The combination of DTF powder and DTF ink in DTF provides a better hand feeling and elastic effect for the product. And WHITE TONER needs digital grating technology to achieve a similar effect.


Future development:

If you are into DIY and have a workshop, then I recommend a DTF shirt transfer printer. His entry cost is not very high and could be a good option. Looking to the future, both printing technologies could be improved and products with softer and clearer patterns will be made.

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