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DTF Printing: 5 Advantages for You to Choose SUBLICOOL DTF Printer

dtf inkjet printer
dtf inkjet printer

DTF printing is really a great way to decorate apparel with full color printing. It is a multi-step garment decoration process where an Inkjet printer applies ink to a film made out of PET Film. Today we will talk about the why so many people choose DTF machine.

As a professional DTF printer manufacture, we have produce and sells for about 3 years. So we can tell that DTF technology promotes flexibility, customization, and efficiency.


The main 5 dtf printing advantages are as follow:

First, the colors are rich and varied.

DTF transfersprinting technician allow for printing unlimited colors without extra cost. You can make limitless color changes within a print. Producing high-quality images that can include tiny details, gradients, and shading. DTF printing also requires less white ink than DTG printing, providing additional cost savings.


Second, the material is very rich and diverse.

DTF’s adaptability of application extends to all different types of materials, garments, and products. DTF transfers can be applied to cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, light and dark fabrics, shoes, luggage, glass, wood, metal, and the list goes on.


Third, very high strength and durability.

DTF transfers are remarkably durable. DTF prints wash and bend without peeling or cracking. Most DTF transfers will maintain a lightweight, soft hand feel while holding up to heavy use.


Forth, simple and clear operation.

DTF machines are easy to use, and DTF transfers are easy to apply. Heat is all that is needed for application. And the heat needed is at a lower temperature, Reducing the risk of scorch marks and dye migration on polyester garments. Because the print is made onto a film transfer, which is then placed on the material, the design can be placed on a surface that might otherwise be challenging to reach using a traditional screen printing machine.


Fifth, no pretreatment or drying.

DTF printing doesn’t require any pretreatment step, because the hot melt powder directly applies the image to the material. No additional time or equipment is needed for drying, either. This cuts down on production costs and time.

dtf print machine
dtf print machine

DTF printer is a great investment for your business in this years, but it’s important to choose the right one.  Look for a printer with a proper circulation system, wide ink tube, and a negative pressure damper for white ink. Lets see our SUBLICOOL!

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