DTF printing is increasing

DTF printer

DTF printing (direct to film) has been popular for several years. How should the factory choose a printing solution? 

After years of development, DTF printing (directly to film) has become an indispensable part of the process of garment digital printing. In addition to traditional printing companies, more and more clothing e-commerce and customization studios began to choose DTF printing (directly to film).

In addition, compared with the first generation of equipment two years ago, today’s DTF printer and powder shaker have undergone several generations of changes, and their functions and efficiency have been greatly optimized.

The greatest advantages of DTF printing (direct to film) mainly focus on three aspects: less investment, low threshold, rich printable materials, high efficiency and good quality. The materials he can print include cotton cloth, high elastic cloth, nylon cloth, chemical fiber cloth, swimwear, denim, PVC, EVA, etc., and there are basically no restrictions on fabrics. In addition, the traditional screen printing process has been upgraded to solve the disadvantage of laborious lettering film.

At present, DTF printing (direct to film) has started positive PK with DTG digital printing. Industry insiders predict that DTF printing (directly to film) will appear in more printing plants in the next five years or more.

Although DTF printing (direct to film) has many advantages, how to choose an excellent DTF printing (direct to film) solution? Welcome to Sublicool to choose the right machine for you.

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