DTF Printing-New solution for textile printing

DTF printer

When it comes to textile printing, how many options can you think of?

Thermal sublimation printing, screen printing, thermal transfer printing vinyl, DTG (directly to garment)printing, DTF (directly to film)printing, etc. The diversity of production also gives consumers more choices.


But have you noticed the change in the current market direction? In today’s people-oriented consumer market, consumers are increasingly pursuing personalized and emotional goods, and are no longer satisfied with ordinary, mass produced goods. In addition, with the rapid development of information technology, a large-scale personalized ecosystem driven by the Internet is taking shape. More and more people are learning how to use design software, which is generating innovation. With strong demand for customization, the equipment market has provided a revolutionary answer.


DTF printing solution was born in this environment.DTF means directly to the film. As the name implies, it means printing on the film. It is a kind of PET film with special coating, which can attract DTF ink, make it have a fixed shape, and then transfer it to the textile by hot pressing. In this respect, DTF is more similar to dye sublimation, because the printing process is not directly carried out on the fabric.


However, DTF printing provides greater flexibility than dye sublimation. This is because the film transfer is stable and can be stored for a long time. There is no dye migration or moisture influence on the transfer during storage. This is a unique factor that makes DTF solutions attractive in the long run for retailers seeking smaller inventories and greater flexibility.


Or, as a merchant, you can even engage in pure printing. Just send the printed film to the customer, and the customer will complete the subsequent thermal transfer steps by himself, so as to improve the participation of consumers in personalization.


As we all know, DTG printing has been solving the problem of speed. However, DTG still places the output at or near the end of the production process, regardless of the printing speed. Before it is “printed”, it must go through a long and complicated preprocessing process.In this respect, DTF printing has obvious advantages. DTF printing is essentially an on-demand printing application that allows you to print immediately after designing patterns, increasing productivity and saving labor costs.


In the digital era, DTF printing can flexibly and quickly meet your production needs and reliably bring you greater economic benefits. In the future, DTF technology innovation will continue to grow from all directions.

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  1. Want to print on Bolts/Rolls of Material.
    Various types of Material as per Clients request.
    Bolts/Rolls of Material is sold to Clients for manufacturing of Goods.

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