Comprehensive & Cost-Effective Transfer Printing Solution for Garments

Digital multicolor printing solution for garments at competitive price

Suitable for all fabrics

Suitable for almost all types of fabrics, no matter dark or light color.

Instant Print

Affordable and require no pre-treatment without the hassle of PreTreatment!

Highly capacity

Fully automatic production mode. 200 to 250 T-Shirt print capacity per hour.

Make Unlimited Designs

No need to make screen, print from computer directly.

DTF Transfer Printing Solutions

PET film t-shirt printer

DTF Supplies

DTF Textile Prinitng Ink

DTF pigment ink is specially designed for Direct to Film printing and heat transfer. This pigment ink formulation can reduce print head clogging and dryness. It can withstand countless washing cycles without fading. Also with the excellent washing performance, dry and wet resistance, abrasion resistance, low-temperature resistance.

dtf textile printing ink
dtf pet film


DTF film can be transferred on a wide range of fabrics. Capable of printing to shirts, sweaters, hoodies, pullovers, canvas, denim, and more! Our DTF films have excellent ink absorption for high-precision printing. Use our film you will achieve high-quality, breathable, and smooth prints.

DTF Hot Melt Powder

DTF Hot melt powder are specially designed to use with DTF Film Printing. Our DTF powders are slow drying and easy to cold tear. it is often used as a high-quality hot-melt adhesive in other industries. lt is heated and melted in a highly elastic state at room temperature. Viscous fluid state in the later process, fast curing speed. This revolutionary technology will help you get excellent transfer printing results.

hot melt powder
Anti-Sublimation Powder

Anti-Sublimation Powder

Anti sublimation powder on the DTF printing(direct to film machine)Products, Black powder is more suitable for Dark fabrics, White powder for Light ones. It is best to mix it with the standard white DTF powder to improve washability, as the black powder itself is not that strong.

What You Can Print with DTF Printer?

What can you put DTF on?
DTF Roll Printer can be applied on a wide range of materials including, cotton, nylon, treated
leather, polyester, 50/50 blends and more (light and dark fabrics). Send us your design, we will use this DTF printing machine print your design, so that you can check the quality. All of these are free!

Benefits of Sublicool DTF

The highest quality print of any direct-to-film printer on the market.

Heavy professional production machine. Can be used 24/7.

The lowest maintenance cost of any direct-to-film printer.

dtf bag

Prints on any kind of fabric. Cotton, Polyester, TriBlends, 50/50 Fabrics.

Get free DTF supplies, Rip software and online technical support.

Free training by Sublistar Expert Technician! No Extra Charges.

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