DTF printing technology is the most advanced DIY idea

DTF printer

When you see some beautiful and dynamic designs printed on some clothes or handbags in our daily life, have you ever thought about how these designs are printed on them?

Direct to film or DTF printing is the latest technology that enables individuals to conduct printing business comfortably at home.

It provides a more advanced alternative to the old DTG printing, screen printing or sublimation methods.

DTF printing allows anyone to print on dark and light T-shirts. Materials include cotton, polyester, various blends, leather, nylon, etc.

DTF works by printing transfers of hot pressing onto different garments. DTG technology is only applicable to cotton fabrics, while sublimation is applicable to polyester. DTF printing is also preferred because they are affordable and require no preprocessing. To get high quality results, you need Sublicool DTF powder, DTF film and DTF ink.

With the progress of DTF technology, it is undeniable that DTF printing is sweeping the entire industry. Compared with the standard printing method, it has spontaneously become one of the most successful textile printing techniques. It can easily become one of the most popular textile printing technologies in the market.

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