DTF Printing Vs Screen Printing

DTF Printing Vs Screen Printing


DTF pet film printer

Obviously, it is recommended to choose a DTF pet film printer if you want to find a printer that can deliver projects in bulk. It’s fast and has fewer processes. However, screen printing is just ok if you don’t need personalization.

Please read more contrasts between them if you want to know which printing method is best.

What is DTF printing?

DTF applies flexible and most-advanced printing technology available on the market. It uses special films (pet) and you can print your design on the film and then transfer the image onto the garment.

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing involves using the squeegee, dense ink, and a mesh frame to transfer a stencil design. It’s common to use paper and fabrics in the printing process. However, this technique can apply to glass, metal, and wood with certain inks.

DTF Printing Vs Screen Printing:


Even if the printing quality of the two is different, the durability of them is rather perfect. Both DTF printing and screen printing can withstand several washes and still stand out. They can both accommodate multicolor prints.

DTF printing


  1. printing process

screen printing requires a mesh frame with a stencil design to transfer your design. On the contrary, DTF printing requires a DTF pet film to transfer your design. Thus, the process involves using a DTF printer, whereas screen printing uses stencil designs.

  1. Printing quality

From design to finish, DTF film printing possesses one of the best print qualities. However, the screen printing is not a match. And that’s because it needs a different screen for every color and detail. But even so, the printing quality is still good and quite durable.DTF works better on various fabrics, but it’s the details that are surprising during multicolor printing.

  1. Color choice

DTF may have more colors to choose to print. It allows u to print endless designs and guarantees live quality. However, screen printing limits you to a few color options. Worse, it is a challenge to govern complex colors. And this printing method doesn’t support the customization which you’ll find in DTF.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Both two printing methods are cost-effective. When dealing with large projects which require the same printing, screen printing is sufficient. But if you handle different designs, the cost of it may be higher.

In contrast, DTF printing is perfect whether you are meeting large or small projects. It’s flexible and more economical than screen printing when handling a bulk order.

  1. Quantity

There exists a significant difference between these two processes when it comes to printing quantity. Although both techniques can handle large orders, the efficiency of them is different. For example, screen printing involves creating a screen for each one. Thus, you need more time to complete a multicolor print.

And DTF printers may be more proficient and shorten the time of producing large orders. However, if you are dealing with the same type of print on multiple products, screen printing may be efficient. They can work on the same type of printing on bulk orders quickly.

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