DTF printing

DTF Printing VS Screen Printing

DTF Printing VS Screen Printing

There are several common printing types today. The most popular are screen printing and DTF printing. When you need to decide which printing method to use to do business, it is very important to determine the printing technology suitable for your needs. Let’s compare each of these printing technologies so that you can better determine which technology is suitable for you.

How DTF Printing Machine Works

The working principle of Direct To Film (DTF) printing is to print the transfer on the film, and then heat press the transfer onto various clothes. This is a short printing process, using special film to print images onto clothes. With the help of the heat press machine, the image is permanently attached to the clothes.

DTF printing technology is widely used. It can be applied to various materials, including synthetic cotton, polyester and silk.

How Screen Printing Machine Works

Screen printing is also known as silkscreen printing.This is a printing process that involves the use of a squeegee, dense ink and a grid to transfer the mold design. In this case, commonly used materials are paper and fabric.However, with certain inks, the technology can be used on glass, plastic, metal and wood.

The technology is based on making a mold design on a mesh screen. Once you’ve set it up on a product, such as a piece of clothing, you can apply the ink to it. Then pass it through the mesh to create a print on the material below.Through this process, the plastisol-based ink is pressed onto the garment through the screen. Different screens are used for different colors. The screen is attached to a press, which rotates and prints the pattern on the garment.

The application of DTF printing and screen printing

DTF printing offers more functionality than screen printing technology. DTF can be printed on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester, leather, silk, and more.In this regard, DTF printer price is affordable, and the process is short and quite simple. This is an economical printing method.

The benefit of screen printing is that it is ideal for handling high volume orders. If you want to print hundreds or thousands of t-shirts quickly, silk screen printing is the most efficient and economical method. Screen printing requires a certain amount of setup because only one color is applied at a time.

Screen printing and DTF printing have their own advantages and disadvantages. The right choice depends on your purpose and what you want to print.When you select printing items for your business, it is very important to choose the correct print method. The type of printing you choose will have a significant impact on your cost and product quality. Both screen printing and DTF printing are suitable for many types of printing operations. The ideal method depends on factors such as print content, material and quantity.

DTF printing provides more design options, which greatly meet the customer’s customized service requirements.With the growing interest in sustainability in the fashion industry, another advantage of DTF printing over traditional screen printing is its highly sustainable technology. And compared to screen printing, DTF printing costs less. For small batch orders, the unit printing cost of DTF printing is lower than the traditional screen printing process.

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