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DTF Printing VS UV DTF Printing – How To Choose?

DTF printing
DTF printing


UV DTF printing and DTF (Direct to Film) printing are two methods used in the garment industry.  Each with its own characteristics and advantages. Today we will introduce you those 2 printing type, you can depand on your need to choose the right one.

DTF (Direct to Film) Printing:

  • In DTF printing, the design is printed onto a special film using a standard inkjet or eco-solvent printer.
  • After printing, the design is transferred from the film onto the garment using a heat press.
  • The ink used in DTF printing is typically a special type of pigment ink that adheres well to the film and transfers easily onto the garment.


UV DTF Printing:

  • UV DTF printing is a variation of traditional Directly to film printing.  That involves curing the ink with UV light instead of heat.
  • In UV DTF printing, the ink used is typically a UV-curable ink. Which means it hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light.
  • This method eliminates the need for heat during the transfer process.  Which can be advantageous for certain types of fabrics or materials that are sensitive to heat.
  • UV DTF printer can also offer faster curing times compared to traditional heat-based methods.


In summary, the main difference between DTF printing and UV DTF printing lies in the curing process of the ink.  Pet film printer uses heat to transfer the design onto the garment, while UV DTF printer uses UV light to cure the ink.  Each method has its own set of advantages and may be preferred depending on factors such as fabric type. Desired curing time, and equipment availability.

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