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DTF Textile Printing Ink


DTF pigment ink is specially designed for Direct to Film printing and heat transfer. This pigment ink formulation can reduce print head clogging and dryness. It can withstand countless washing cycles without fading. Also with the excellent washing performance, dry and wet resistance, abrasion resistance, low-temperature resistance.

Fastness test SGS:

  •  Dry rubbing fastness: 4 – 5
  •  Wet rubbing fastness: 4 – 5
  •  Washing fastness: 4 – 5
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Printhead modelKCMYWhite inkORRBGYFluorescent MFluorescent Yflush 
Sublimation Transfer Ink

Sublicool Yellow TP202056022030

Sublimation Transfer Ink

Sublicool Magenta TP202056022030

Sublimation Transfer Ink

Sublicool Cyan TP202056022030

Sublimation Transfer Ink

Sublicool Black TP202026012030

Sublimation Transfer Ink

Sublicool Light Cyan TP202056022030

Sublimation Transfer Ink

Sublicool Light Magenta TP202056022030

DTF Textile Ink

Sublicool Fluorescence Pink

DTF Textile Ink

Sublicool Fluorescence Yellow

DTF Textile Ink

SublicoolOrange TP202056022030

DTF Textile Ink

SublicoolGreen TP202056022030


  1.  Safe environment protection, Healthy without Harmful Substances
  2. High colour density, wide colour gamut, outstanding colour saturation
  3. Great wash fastness, light fastness and rub fastness
  4. Ink with highgrade particles, no clogging to print head
  5. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  6. Intended for desktop Epson printers and Epson print heads I3200, DX5,5113, 4720
dtf ink
dtf pigment inks


DTF Ink Advantages:

Good whiteness and covering with white ink;

High density of color, bright color result;

Soft hand feeling, excellent tensile property and resilience;

Dry rubbing, wet rubbing and perspiration fastness 4-5 grade;

High resolution after printing

White ink is compatible with other colors well.

Suitable for all kinds of fabric materials.

Applications for DTF inks

Sublicool DTF pigment ink can be used in standard desktop Epson printers as well as professional DTG machines.White ink is a special component, which can be used to lay out the white base on the film to print colorful designs. Our DTF pigment ink can be applied to many textiles, light and dark. We mostly use high quality cotton but it can be applied to many products Limited release designer apparel like:

Soft signage


Backpacks and luggage

Flags & banners



And more

dtf pigment ink

Ink Color Fastness Properties

DTF Textile Ink

How to use DTF Pet Film Printing:

  1. Print the design image
  2. After printing, let stand 1-2 minutes
  3. Sprinkle the powder onto the printed design. Make sure it is evenly distributed to all sides of the print.
  4. Powder can be heated by press machine/oven/flashcuring
  5. After the powder has melted like an orange peel, remove the remaining powder that sticks outside the image area
  6. Next, pre-heat the shirt to the temperature of 160 degrees for 10 seconds then let it cool
  7. After it cools off, put the PET film DTF on the t-shirt.
  8. Press again 15 seconds for finishing