DTG Printing VS DTF printing

DTF printer

Direct-to-Garment Printing(DTG) has long been the most common method for T-shirt printing and small productions, but in recent years, Direct-to-Film Printing(DTF) has taken hold of the industry, quickly taking the textile industry by storm. To understand this shift in printing, we must first grasp the differences between the two methods. Both types of printing are suitable for small items or personalization such as t-shirts or masks. However, both printing technologies have different processes and applications, so you need to decide which one is right for your business based on their characteristics. In this article, our focus is to provide a detailed comparison between DTG and DTF techniques, based on different properties and their impact on the process.

Both processes have their advantages and limitations. So choosing to decide which printing method to choose depends on your business needs.

In short, DTF printing may seem more popular than DTG, but in reality, their applications and uses are quite different.

If your business is a small order of custom garments with intricate designs and bright colors that need to be delivered to your customers with fast turnaround times, then DTG printing is the way to go. The relatively expensive initial investment can be a challenge, but if you can live with it and think the business has the potential to grow rapidly and the return on investment is substantial, then this option is well worth it.

If your business is capable of fulfilling medium to large orders in a variety of materials, then DTF is a good choice. DTF printing is a very easy way to expand your business as you can easily print designs on a wide variety of material types suitable for a wide audience. Additionally, DTF printing is an economical and environmentally friendly solution as it requires less ink than DTG.

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