DTG or screen printing

DTG VS Screen Printing, Which Is Better?

DTG VS screen printing

With the popularity of t-shirts, lot’s of people want to start their own fashion line. There are two printing method to provide. It’s one of the most important decision you should make – DTG vs screen printing. And how to choose this two? What’s their differences? Which is better? Its a serious topic and necessary to you, which may decide whether your company to take the lead in this printing industry.


Printing tools:

As we know, there are so many differences between screen printing and DTG printing. And I suppose that the large difference of them is the technology of taking the ink into the t-shirts. In traditional printing, we use screen printing,which uses a stencil and puts the ink into the fabric by using it. On the contrary, the direct to garment printing use the printer to push the ink into the fabric.

Printing methods:

When printing, direct to garment printing use digital method to push the ink and designs to the t shirt fabric. We recommend this kind of printing because it suits everyone because its not complicated as we are a digital word in every sense.

Process and colors:

DTG inkjet printer may have a much simple process than screen printing, but each color in the screen printing which is chosen is printed separately. So, you must break the entire design down into individual colors layer by layer.  After this is done, a stencil is used to apply every single colors of ink at a time. And one stencil for each color.

Environmental friendly:

When compare to screen printing, DTG  printing is good to environment so it more sustainable. It is automatically. The ink in the printing process it uses is environmental-friendly ,water-based and the total process is highly energy-efficient.

All about DTG printing:

This is why DTG printers so popular in recent years. It provide high-quality,precise designs and detailed products.in another way, its no large and don’t occupy your space in the office or home.

It is just like the home printer,and the only difference is that  DTG inkjet printer don’t need to printer. DTG printer may transfer your digital image on to a t shirt and can provide all kinds of colors to choose. The ink is water based, and in the printing process, a single layer can be absorbed into the fibers of the shirt.

Its such a popular printing method within most fashion gurus out there. They can create and design any custom t-shirts they want and then transfer it onto the shirts. And the durability is good. And clothing has evolved over the colors. On the contrary, the screen printing require more labor in printing process.but the saturated colors and authentic appearances of the shirts you will have get in the end.

DTG printing



With the development of new technology, there exists amounts of something new. We are looking forward to it will give insight into the fashion DTG inkjet printing machine. Comparing to the older counterpart just as screen printing, you can choose the one which suits you best. Before you make the final decision,you need to consider all the ways.

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