DTG or sublimation

In the printing market, there are two most popular methods of printing. DTG and sublimation printing have several differences you need to understand. So when DTG vs Sublimation, what you should know? And how to decide?


DTG means direct to garment, which involves adding images directly to apparel using a certain printing machine.DTG printer is second only to screen printing in terms of popularity and permits you to create detailed and colorful designs. The process is as similar to other garments, which use water-based inks that the fabric can absorb.


Dye-sublimation printing involves a working process in which a design can be printed on special paper and then transferred onto a shirt or another garment. This process is a chemical process where the solid ink bypasses the liquid and becomes a gas.

This working process is triggered by applying heat. And it allows for incredibly smooth tones and is the best option for photography designs.

How does the printing process work for them?

DTG and sublimation apply two different techniques to transfer images. Sublimation printing involves a type of special transfer printing method beforehand and then heating and pressing on the desired material. Therefore, the sublimation and bonding of the ink inside for the final result. On the other hand, DTG requires a pretreat process and then printing directly onto it through the printer. This adheres to the ink on top of the material.

dye sublimation printer

Where can DTG and sublimation printing be used?

Both of them have multiple uses, but some materials produce the best results with a certain printer. DTG printer t-shirt machine is the best print fabric for natural fibers like cotton, linen, canvas, or jeans. Even darker materials can produce quality printing products.

Sublimation printers work perfectly with objects which have polyester or polyester coating. They can not only use on white garments like t-shirts but also applies to a wide variety of other objects including ceramics, metals, and plastics. Sublimation performs great on the variety of hard surfaces you can creatively print onto.

Which printer is best for me?

Last but not least, when you choose DTG or sublimation, the choice depends on your personal and business needs. Both provide quick and available ways to craft custom merchandise, logos, and advertisements. If you want to focus on t-shirts, apparel, fashion, and home design, I suggest DTG. But if your business needs to promote personalized tags, plates, or signage, sublimation will be the ideal choice. Whichever you want, both printers are powerful tools for expanding your creative capabilities and commercial potential.

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